Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of payment do you accept for custom orders?

We accept cash, etransfer, paypal and credit card and debit tap.

Where is pick up?

Pick up is in Pickering. When placing a custom order, you have the option of free pick up or having it shipped for an additional cost.

What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns at this time. Of course, if there is an issue with the product, please do not hesitate to reach out so we can ensure you are happy with your purchase.

Do you make snap on bandanas?

Yes! When making an order, just let us know you'd like a snap attachment and provide your dogs neck size. When providing measurements, please provide the measurement that would comfortably fit your dog's neck, accounting for fluff.

Do you only make dog accessories?

No! You can request a custom order for any pet! Just shoot us an email and we can discuss your needs.

Can I leave my dog's accessories on while I'm not around?

Safety always comes first! Do not leave your pets unattended while wearing accessories. There is potential for your pet to chew and/or eat them, or they could get snagged on somthing and injure your pup. It is not recommended to leave bandanas on while playing in areas that have snagging potentials. The Tailored Pup is not responsible for any injuries or incidents involving our products.

My dog got dirty! How can I wash their accessories?

Bandanas can be hand or machine washed using cold or warm water. Hang dry or toss in dyer, removing when dry to avoid wrinkles. Dish soap is a very gentle cleaner. If your bandana is very dirty, cover in stain remover before washing. Bows can be spot treated, or hand washed gently with warm water and dish soap. You can iron bandanas on a cotton setting, but do NOT iron the faux leather tag!! Collars can be hand washed with cold or warm water, using dish soap or a gentle landry detergent. You may wash them in your machine, but ensure you remove tags, close the buckle and wash with a full load. Washing with a full load cushions your collar to avoid damage to your machine or collar.


small: pug, shih tzu, pomeranian, mini daschund medium: standard poodle, cockapoo, cocker spaniel, corgi, beagle, frenchie, border collie, american pitbull terrier large: lab, golden retreiver, husky, english bulldog, american bulldog, rough collie, german shepherd xlarge: newfoundland, st. bernard, mastiff, bernese, great dane ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SLIP ON BANDANAS- measurements (WxH) S: 6 x 5.5"--fits up to 1" collar width M: 9 x 7.5"--fits up to 1.5" collar width L: 10.5 x 9" --fits up to 1.5" collar width XL: 12 x 10.5"--fits up to 1.5" collar width *NOTE: the width of the slip on bandanas should be approximatley half the length of your dog's collar. TIE ON BANDANAS--size range S: 10-13" M: 12-19 L: 14-24 XL: 16-28 Please rember to measure your dogs neck using a soft measuring tape, leaving enough room for the bandana to comfortably fit. Remember to account for fluff. Custom sizes are available at no additional cost. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Measurements for BOWS (WxH) S: 3.5 x 2.5" M: 4 x 3" L: 5 x 3.5" XL: 7 x 4" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COLLARS: S: 10-13" M: 13-19" L: 16-24" XL: 18-28" Please note: All collars are handmade and are individually measured to ensure our measurements are as accurrate as possible. There is a small chance that your collar is 0.5" larger or smaller than the measurements provided. Due to this, it is advised to move up or down a size category depending on how your measured your dogs neck. For example, if your dog's neck measures a snug 13", you may want to consider ordering a medium which will allows for comfort room. If your dog's neck meausred 13" loosely, stick with a size small. Custom sizes are always available!

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